American International MaxxPro armored vehicles that arrived in Ukraine did not reach Donbass

The American International MaxxPro armored vehicles that have not yet taken part in the hostilities have already angered the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

American armored vehicles International MaxxPro turned out to be unsuitable for moving over rough terrain and fields, and therefore they may be completely useless for the Ukrainian military. The identified vulnerabilities in American armored vehicles International MaxxPro became known when trying to transfer them to the Donbass, which military equipment could not reach, simply bogged down in the fields.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the problem faced by the Ukrainian military is very serious, since if this equipment is moved along ordinary roads, it will become an extremely easy target for Russian artillery and aviation.

It is noteworthy that attempts to pull the stuck equipment out of the mud failed even when towing, and therefore special equipment had to be called to the place, which dug up the American International MaxxPro armored vehicles.

According to unofficial data, in total, up to 60 units of American armored vehicles could be transferred to the territory of Ukraine, moreover, the latter was sent here in small batches through various parts of the border with Ukraine in order to avoid its rapid detection and destruction.