Aircraft L-410
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The reason for the crash of the L-410 passenger aircraft over the taiga was a failure in the navigation system - this is the second incident in a day

The pilot who survived the crash of a passenger plane revealed the reasons for the emergency.

The pilot of the L-410 passenger plane, which crashed the night before in the taiga, named the reasons for the incident. According to him, the visibility at the time of the crash did not interfere with a normal landing, as previously reported. For unknown reasons, there was a failure in the navigation system - some external factor was to blame, due to which the current position of the aircraft was incorrectly determined and that is why the latter fell.

It is known that the plane was unable to land on the first attempt. During the go-around approach, the GPS navigator and the autopilot moved the aircraft to the right, as a result of which the hill was touched. As a result of the plane crash, four people on board were killed. At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that this is the second aviation incident in a day associated with a malfunction of the navigation system, since the editorial office had previously reported an emergency landing of a Robinson helicopter in the Trans-Baikal Territory, which also occurred due to a GPS malfunction.

At the moment, a flight recorder of the crashed plane has already been found at the crash site. After decoding it, it will be possible to make an objective conclusion about the reasons that led to the plane crash.

Earlier at the airfield, in addition to the instrumental landing system, there were long-range and near-range drives and glide path light systems, which ensured the reduction of the aircraft to a height of 59 m above the runway visually. Now all this has been removed, it is expensive and pilots are not taught visually to sit down.

Pilots degenerate or what? Previously, we flew without GPS and everything was fine! The impression is that the pilots just have a place to be on the plane ... They BUY their flying school diplomas?

Two gps glitches on foreign-made devices ... Coincidence? ..

And the current generation of pilots is no longer able to land a car in manual mode without an autopilot. “No, brothers, you are not pilots. You are a co-op of cabs,” as the hero of one film, played by Oleg Dal, said.