Plane crash of Tu-154


The cause of the crash of Tu-154 could be icing

In the case of the crash of the Tu-154 appeared a new version.

According resource, currently considered by experts version that the collapse of the aircraft could be due to the formation of ice on the fuselage. So far, the cause of such specialists was not seen, however, it is likely crash could occur precisely in such circumstances, which, however, still subject to verification.

It is pointed out that as a result of the crash, which occurred in December 25 2016 years 92 person died on board the aircraft, with the operation to search for victims of the crash is still ongoing, as well as experts continue to study different versions of what happened.

Awful all this, and death on the rise and a missed opportunity to prevent a terrorist attack does not need to be a rocket scientist in order to understand that the cargo compartment together with the salon was blown to pieces.

What idiocy !!! Icing is not possible at a low altitude and at such a speed, the more so before any takeoff, at any time of the year covered by the anti-icing planes that can deflate the air flow, but only after a few hours of flight. But this is not possible on the rise!

we had a good saying: better to be a good second than horseradish commander. it is not necessary to invent about icing equipment strarye ID so everything is clear

fyuzelazhe on, are you serious?

This is similar to the guesswork! What kind of icing critical question for a few minutes after lift-off? I do not disperse all this shoblu's time, which is trying to come up with a digestible version of what happened?

e-my! Yes some icing aircraft just above the roof up and not in Oymyakon ...

Yes, all the lies and no more. I have to say that on board was illegal freight, or fireworks, or a couple of boxes of grenades were asked to throw. After a minute of flight the aircraft beyond the clouds, where there is no ice.

What is icing, he just took off.