The cause of the crash of a military helicopter near Ulyanovsk was a technical malfunction

The incident with a military helicopter near Ulyanovsk occurred due to a technical malfunction.

A few hours ago, while flying to Yoshkar-Ola, not far from Ulyanovsk, a Mi-8 military helicopter crashed. At the moment, it is known that there were three people on board the aircraft, one of whom died, and two more were seriously injured.

According to the news agency, the rotorcraft fell on the ice of the Volga and received serious damage, as a result of which the crew of the helicopter was trapped in the cockpit of the rotorcraft.

A source from the news agency published a list of the crew members on board the crashed military helicopter:

  • Sergey Kondratenko, 38 years old - injured;
  • Vladislav Musorov, 23 years old - injured;
  • Vladimir Shevtsov, 27 years old - died.

It is known that the cause of the crash was a technical malfunction - according to unconfirmed reports, the pilot managed to report a loss of control over the rotorcraft, after which it was discovered by rescuers. However, the nature of the technical malfunction is not specified - according to some data, we are talking about the failure of the engine, and according to others - about a malfunction of the control system.


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