downed aircraft


The reason for the destruction of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 was the American means of electronic warfare

Experts point to the direct involvement of the United States in the destruction of the Ukrainian Boeing 737.

As part of an independent investigation, experts established at least Washington’s partial involvement in the destruction of the Ukrainian passenger airliner in the sky over the Iranian capital. According to experts, the US military purposefully changed information about the flight of a passenger plane, thereby turning it into a true target for Iranian air defense systems.



As follows from the data of the representatives of the US Department of Defense, at the time of the incident, several American military aircraft were observed in the sky near the Iranian borders, and anomalies were observed on the territory of the Islamic Republic itself, which, apparently, were the result of electronic exposure. Based on this, experts do not exclude that the data for the Iranian air defense systems were simply replaced, as a result of which the passenger airliner could be identified as a combat aircraft.



“This is not the first time that, due to direct US actions, civilian aircraft are displayed as military, and military as civilian. It is very unlikely that Iranian air defense could not distinguish a civilian airliner from a military aircraft. ”, - the expert notes.

It should be clarified that Ukraine itself is considering a version of the destruction of the Boeing 737 by the Iranian Tor-M1 air defense system, but they do not consider it fundamental.