An aircraft-12


He landed the plane in the Krasnodar region killed a man a piece of rope

He landed the plane killed a man a piece of rope.

The incident occurred on February 27 in the Krasnodar Territory, while, as news agency learned from reliable sources, the An-12 aircraft towed the glider and was preparing to land on the territory of the village Adagum (Krymsky district - Ed.). When landing, the release cable hit the 53-year-old man in close proximity with a large force, causing him severe injuries, from which the victim died on the spot.

In fact it happened the accident is under investigation, thus, it is possible that in this case there will be a violation of aviation security, and, both from the pilot to control the aircraft AN-12, and from the dead man, who for unknown reasons turned out to be in the immediate vicinity of the landing area of ​​the aircraft.