Selling Belarus Su-30СМ fighters, Russia may forget about military bases

The Belarusian Air Force received the first Su-30СМ fighters sold by Russia.

Despite the fact that the Belarusian authorities had earlier proposed to Russia to transfer to Belarus their combat aircraft, which would ensure the protection of the airspace of the Union State, Russia sold its fighters to this country, which, according to experts, indicates that the construction of military bases in Belarus, Russia may forget.

According to media reports, today the first Su-30СМ fighters arrived at a military airfield in the Baranavichy area. This is the first batch of combat aircraft from 12 purchased by the Belarusian side. The amount of the contract is not specified, however, Belarusian analysts note that the fact of the sale of combat aircraft to Minsk may indicate that this country no longer needs Russian military bases.

“Russia indicates the need to protect the borders of the Union State, but instead of providing the appropriate funds, well aware of the situation in the Belarusian economy, it is selling combat aircraft. Having received the Su-30СМ, Belarus now does not need Russian military airbases as such - this country has a sufficient number of fighters to ensure its own security ”- the Belarusian expert notes.

It should be clarified that earlier official Minsk refused to place military bases on its territory.