Turkey’s sale of Russian Su-57 was unprofitable

The sale of fifth-generation Russian fighters in Turkey may be a failed character.

According to the materials presented by the Russian edition of the Military Review, the sale of fifth-generation fighter Su-57 to Turkey is only profitable at first glance. According to experts, in reality, such a move on the part of Moscow can be destructive, both from an economic and from a strategic point of view.

According to experts, Turkey manifests itself as an unreliable partner, in connection with which, Su-57 fighters, as well as Triumph C-400, can be at the complete disposal of NATO. Moreover, Turkey’s purchase of Russian Su-57 fighters will almost certainly require a loan from Russia, the percentage of which is extremely unprofitable.

“How will Turkey generally dispose of Russian armaments?” The question has not been answered yet. It is likely that the emergence of C-400 and the hypothetical appearance of the Su-57 in the NATO country will ultimately play in favor of NATO, at least in terms of obtaining technologies used by Russia. <...> If this again requires a loan at a percentage, which is several times lower than the percentage for domestic Russian credited companies, then the economic effect of such a deal will definitely not be the case. It should be recalled that C-400 is sold to Turkey for the money of the Russian loan ”- notes the publication.

On the other hand, Turkey has not yet made a final decision on the purchase of Russian Su-57, and it is quite likely that it could abandon these combat aircraft by trying to maintain relations with NATO.

I will add more. In the East, used to bargain hard. Turks need to bring down the price of the Americans. They say we have a choice. That's all.

It is understandable that is unprofitable. The fact is that the very generation 5 aircraft yet and in the foreseeable future is not expected. And what is called the PAK-FA, he is T-50, he is the same Su-57 and so on. Just the CONCEPT without the engine and the main parameters of the 5 generation fighter - low-visibility, the ability to support the super-cruising speed mode without forcing in 2 Mach. And a lot more. And in the Su-57, the armament on the suspensions and not inside the case of the Engines was not created yet. He is still flying on the engines of the Su-37. What kind of "5 generation" are we talking about? About electronics I already do not speak. Crude fake product MIC for eyewear and allocation of budget money. Hindus have already cut it. And the Turks essentially sell nothing, except for shame. Therefore, it is clear that no one will buy an expensive pacifier. And the NATO countries will only be convinced of this, if this model is put into Turkey. But for the parades on Red Square, this miracle will come down. A triple of such empty airplanes is fully capable of flying from Kubinka to the Chkalovsky airfield (100 km.). And the announcer will broadcast in a loud voice - “A squadron of the newest, fifth-generation fighter in the World, plus, plus, generations, flies over the tribunes of Red Square !!!”

Turks are not worse than Hindus do business. So all this is completely natural and completely ugly. In such a scenario, I keep the whole project in a rag, then suddenly at the very end I raise the price twice. Here or the planned care of a partner (and this is no longer a pity), or skanadal with a bummer for him. And then you can go back and almost to the same price as a super favor. But still a little more than it was. After such methods in negotiations with me in the future, no one ever bargains. Understand the final pricing scheme. Come, pay and happily leave ...

Interesting. Sell ​​Turkey plane which is not yet. Just started testing the engine for it. When will adopt and whether it is generally unknown. And what discussions have already begun. First you have to try it, then adopt it. Get a dozen or two, "break in", and then you can talk about possible sales. The American aircraft has been in service with the United States, Japan, and Israel for several years. Identified most of the problems and commercially available. Ours will once be ready, and maybe not. Why should the Turks bother with our planes, and then ask for spare parts for them, which we are very reluctant to supply. Pure speculation of the Turks, and our borzopistyts with might and main have already spoken about sales, the shortcomings of American aircraft and our advantages.

The quality of the F-35 will not improve! As they say "they", absolutely raw aircraft. Therefore, the United States and cram it at least someone.

It is very likely that Turkey is blackmailing the United States to buy more profitable from them. As soon as the deal suits her, she will refuse the Russian offer.