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Photo: RIA Novosti


Pro-Iranian groups attacked an American military base - one of the missiles hit the plane

Pro-Iranian groups attacked an American military base in Baghdad.

The US military base Victoria, located on the territory of Baghdad, was subjected to a new attack by pro-Iranian groups. As a result of the attack, at least four rockets were fired at a military base located near a civilian airport, at least one of which accurately hit the plane, punching a huge hole in the cockpit area.

It is known that the American C-RAM complex tried to repel the attack of the pro-Iranian forces, but the effectiveness of the latter turned out to be close to zero - at least two missiles fell on the perimeter of the military base and the civilian airport. At the same time, US representatives do not comment on the data on downed missiles.

It is known that as a result of an attack on a US military base and a civilian airport, victims and casualties were avoided.

Journalists from the news agency managed to find out that the damaged civilian airliner belongs to the Turkish airline Turkish Airlines, but the latter was not used to transport passengers. In this regard, questions arose regarding the purposes for which the damaged side was used.

Since the beginning of the year, this is far from the first attack on US bases in Iraq, which is due to the US refusal to comply with the demands previously put forward by pro-Iranian formations on the need to withdraw American forces from Iraq.

Even this is not clear: the amers could easily arrange this to justify some of their subsequent aggressive actions. Like, I'm not guilty, he came himself (c).

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Pro-Iranian groups...on what is the assertion based? Was at least one of the assailants caught, interrogated? Did they have missiles signed? And among the attackers there were definitely no: Qatari, Egyptians, Uighurs? Who took responsibility? And only one thing is clear - this is an anti-American group.

So this is a civilian aircraft. And around no military equipment. Where this photo comes from is not clear.