Center for Military-Political Research MGIMO: Air Defense can mistakenly shoot down a civilian plane

The Center for Military-Political Research MGIMO declared danger to any aircraft due to the imperfection developed by the SAM.

Director of the Center for Military-Political Research MGIMO unexpectedly revealed the high probability that, instead of a military aircraft, absolutely anyone, including a civilian one, could be shot down. This is primarily due to the imperfection of the existing air defense systems, and therefore, the management of these systems should be exclusively qualified and experienced specialists.

“Unfortunately, planes, including civilian ones, are shot down. This is an air defense error. The air defense system is already starting to be a threat. You cannot distinguish one plane from another on the radar. The civilian side of the rocket is also difficult to distinguish. More experienced people should sit behind these appliances. You will not close the sky due to exercises for 2-3 days. Sometimes it seems that there is some kind of system and it will work with the greatest accuracy. But they forget that everything also depends on the person. ", - quotes the director of the Center for Military-Political Studies of MGIMO, Alexei Podberyozkin resource "Says Moscow».

Why so far the Russian air defense systems were considered the most reliable, and it suddenly became known that they could erroneously shoot down civilian aircraft is unknown, however, experts believe that this can seriously damage the interest in weapons of the Russian manufacturer.

“Until now, it was believed that Russian air defense systems were very reliable, however, now that a civilian aircraft instead of a military one has been erroneously shot down, it causes a lot of doubts», - the expert marks.

Russian air defense sees and shoots down everything in the sky and a person (a highly qualified person) must distinguish goals, and American air defense stand and take a steam bath without seeing anyone and cannot bring down anything) it is interesting that the state will choose for its defense).