Complex Pantsir-S


Producers C-400 and Pantsir-S came under US sanctions

Production of Russian air defense systems can significantly increase in price.

The US State Department decided to impose sanctions on manufacturers Pantsir-S and S-400 Triumf against Russian manufacturers. The introduction of sanctions, according to an official document, is due to a violation of US legislation on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction against Iran, North Korea and Syria, while the cost of these weapons may increase significantly, and interest in them may significantly decrease.

Despite the fact that the Russian complexes Pantsir-S and C-400 Triumph enjoy great interest even among US partners, with the introduction of sanctions against the manufacturers of these weapons, interest among potential buyers may significantly decrease. Moreover, in some systems of this weapon, foreign electronic components are used, which in turn can lead to higher prices for the production of such complexes.

It should be clarified that the Pantsir-S ZRPK has proven itself in Syria, reflecting numerous attacks, both from terrorists and from the United States, Israel, and the Western coalition.

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