Broken airplane


Missing Malaysian airliner crashed off the coast of Australia

March 24. The wreckage of a Malaysian airliner that went to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, which had disappeared more than two weeks ago, was discovered today.

According to the official statement of the Malaysian government, the wreckage of an airliner Boeing 777-200 were discovered in 2.5 thousands of kilometers from the Australian city of Perth, in a southwesterly direction. Previously, the Australian search forces reported that objects resembling parts of the fuselage of the missing aircraft were seen from the airplane, and now that the first search ships and helicopters arrived at the site of the alleged crash, we can confidently state that Mystical vanished plane crashed.

At the moment, the fate of the crew and passengers of the Malaysian airliner is not specified, and they are still considered to be missing.

At the site of the crash at the moment, a special commission is working, which is engaged in the extraction of discovered debris from the Indian Ocean.


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