The missing aircraft searches


Missing plane will look into the northern and southern corridors

March 17. As of today, nine days have passed since the mysterious disappearance of a Malaysian airliner en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, but there is absolutely no news of the aircraft's search results. The day before, the radius of possible search was significantly increased, and 25 countries have already joined the search activities, but today it became known that Boeing 777-200 will be sought in the northern and southern corridors of air traffic.

It connected such decisions, especially with the fact that in the case of the most probable versions of the hijacking aviaborta, it can be relocated to another country, but because of all the monitored area will be closely monitored, including and in fact all the planes in the air. Especially it will relate to the cost, which for some reason delayed or deviate from the set course.

We remind you that on board of the airliner there were 239 people, among whom are 12 crew members who are currently missing.