Expired Ukrainian S-300 air defense missile hit the oligarch's house

The Ukrainian S-300 anti-aircraft missile failed twice, as a result of which it hit the house of the most famous Ukrainian oligarch.

The incident occurred during an attempt by the Ukrainian military to intercept Russian cruise missiles fired at the facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Initially, the missile malfunctioned during the flight, losing its target, after which it was supposed to self-destruct, however, in this case, it also failed, as a result of which an anti-aircraft missile carrying thousands of striking elements fell on the house of a Ukrainian oligarch.

It is known that the Ukrainian oligarch, who was at home with his wife, died, while the injuries were fatal for his wife.

Initially, the Ukrainian military tried to blame the attack on the house of Aleksey Vadatursky on the Russian military, however, it turned out that the strike was carried out by an anti-aircraft guided missile. As it became known, the most likely reason for this was the non-compliance with the terms of operation of such a missile, since there is an acute shortage of missiles for these air defense systems in the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In Kyiv, they prefer not to comment on the incident, however, apparently, it is far from the only one, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine use hundreds of missiles with an expired safe use date.