Chinese protesters demand Xi Jinping resign

Citizens of China began to demand the resignation of Xi Jinping at anti-government rallies.

After the PRC authorities tried to brutally disperse the protesters in Chinese cities, who initially opposed the anti-COVID measures approved by the country's leadership, and later began to speak with anti-government slogans, Chinese citizens living in European countries also joined the protests.

It is known that thousands of rallies were held in front of the buildings of the embassies and consulates of the PRC in European countries, where the protesters were no longer in favor of easing the anti-COVID measures, but for the resignation of Xi Jinping. Against this background, the situation acquired a serious resonance, especially considering the fact that the protests were actively fueled by the governments of European states, as well as the United States.

At the moment, the situation in China itself is by no means less complicated, since hundreds of thousands of people are participating in the protests across the territory of the PRC, and in a number of cities the army has already been involved in suppressing the protests, since the police forces are not enough to restrain the protesters and protesters.


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