Protesters in Kazakhstan seized military equipment and weapons, Tokayev is airlifting troops

The situation in Kazakhstan continued to worsen.

Protests in Kazakhstan erupted with renewed vigor this afternoon. As it became known to the information and news agency, the protesters managed to seize military equipment and weapons, and although it has not yet reached the level of military use of equipment, new clashes with the security forces and the military have already begun. Against this background, the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev decided to begin the transfer of troops to the country's most rebellious cities by military aircraft.

The video footage shows how the protesters freely seized military equipment, including armored ones. The seizure of weapons from military personnel is reported, however, the latter has not yet been used or is only used as a deterrent.

Some of the security forces and the military decided to go over to the side of the protesters, as the latter did not like the orders of their higher authorities about the need to use violent physical force and weapons against certain categories of protesters, as evidenced by the video footage that appeared on the Web.

The current demands of the protesters remain unknown, however, it is known that additional troops are being deployed to Almaty by several military transport aircraft at once, which indicates a complete loss of control over the situation.


Experts fear that against the backdrop of protests in Kazakhstan, Russian citizens may suffer, especially given the anti-Russian rhetoric actively promoted by local nationalists.

The Kazakhs are doing everything right, the country's authorities humiliate and destroy the people, look at Russia, everything is being done to destroy the people, they also want to introduce a compulsory vaccination so that health is generally lost

well done in what? in the fact that they destroy the state, or in the fact that the Nazi superiority is being revived? what are you talking about?

And if the CSTO under the control of Russia will act correctly, then at the request of the workers of the Pavlodar region, as well as three or four more regions of Kazakhstan, they will be asked to join RUSSIA.

Prices are just an excuse. Then there will be pretexts - corruption, resignation, NATO and the EU. We know they passed. If Tokayev is not afraid and acts like Lukashenko, everything will end quickly and one more front will be lost for the United States, which will accelerate the collapse of the "cradle of democracy."

Not the fact that it will not. Not yet evening.

Power in the country belongs to the people! To humiliate the people and then point a finger at the West-obsurdity! The limit of patience is over !!!

And Nostradamus was right that freedom would come to Russia from the east. Kazakhs are great.

Is there any sense in the upcoming negotiations, the West "played" ahead of the curve.

Is there any sense in the upcoming negotiations, the West "played" ahead of the curve.

“We want to live like in Sweden, Norway,” a protester in Kazakhstan explains to journalists, assuring that “no one is robbing anything, these are slanderous incidents,” while in the background his like-minded people smash something to pieces ... from. I recognize Ukraine :)) And in the evening, obviously, there will be cheap gas :)) And by the morning life expectancy and wages will increase

It was necessary to defend in the 90s, but not now

Yes, we somehow do not give a damn. Nobody will encroach on Russian facilities. Elementary.

Where else to invade? Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia .... and tomorrow Taliban militants will break power in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, then what will we do, Alexander? No army will be enough for so many fronts, there will be simply no one to defend their own border in Kaliningrad and Smolensk ...

... And ... Oh, a miracle! Cheap gas appeared (because of which everything became muddy), life became better! life has become more fun! ... No need! All this has already happened and quite recently, in Ukraine: "Tell me, why are you striving for Europe? - And I ... And we ... And here ... And we have salaries, as in Europe, life expectancy , as in Europe, the labor market and ... labor-oo-oo-oo-siki. Here. " And where is all this? We signed the European Association, and now they are tearfully asking it to change, collecting frozen carrots in Poland. Apparently, everyone should step on their own rake ...

what starts the new year
then it happens all year
year of revolutions, riots and anarchy

Anti-Russian rhetoric and inaction of some leaders of Kazakhstan led to what is happening today. It looks like the action is directed against the Russians and Russia and it is a carefully planned action by the special services of the West. The more problems they have, the more sophisticated their actions will be.

Nobody can sit on two chairs. There are a lot of examples. Flirting with the West and the United States always ends the same way. An example of Gaddafi to help.

So 23% of Russians live there)

Kyrgyz need to take revenge

The Kremlin's failed policy towards the republics has not changed since 2004. what is being done there and our business, only in words they shouted about friendship. And then words disappear.

This is the reason for Russia to invade Kazakhstan to "protect its citizens"

The arrogance of the leaders of the former Soviet republics in relation to RUSSIA TO SUCH sad consequences. All the former rushed into the arms of the "Friendly countries".
Well, this is the trend of the last TIME.

Russia needs to prepare to introduce the MS or the CSTO and restore order, it will not stop so easily, it is beneficial for many to blow up Central Asia.

With arms in hand, the people will figure out what to do.