Airline krasava


Bankruptcy lawsuit filed against Krasavia airline

Air carrier "krasava 'demand to recognize bankrupt.

According to Air resource, the corresponding claim to the Arbitration Court was filed by "Air transport", and, as stated in the company's statement, the trial is due to flights shedule receivable on the lease of aircraft, in particular, we are talking about the lease of such aircraft as the An-24RV and Mi-8E.

In turn, it should be noted that the results of the past year, the air carrier "krasava" sufficiently proven itself by building up the main indicators of its activity, and therefore it is logical to assume that in satisfaction of the claim of "Air transport" will be denied.

Comment by the head of the press service of the Krasnoyarsk Territory state enterprise "KrasAvia" Vladislav Vlasov:

The relationship with Aviatekhnika LLC is a dispute between two business entities within the framework of contractual legal relations. On the part of our opponent, there are serious procedural violations and he has no grounds for filing an application for declaring the State Enterprise KK KrasAvia bankrupt, since the decision of the court of first instance has not yet entered into legal force. In the very near future SE KK KrasAvia will file an appeal against the decision of the court of first instance. The amount owed by KrasAvia has not been recognized and is disputed. Thus, there are currently no grounds for payment. This dispute can in no way affect the activities of the airline, since the size of legal claims does not exceed 3% of KrasAvia's annual turnover. There is no question of bankruptcy and cannot be in principle.


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