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Lufthansa may be sued in US court

Relatives of the victims of the plane crash in the Alps, intend to file a US lawsuit against the airline "Lufthansa».

The reason for such action by the relatives of the dead passengers was not sufficiently large amount of compensation, in particular, it noted that 25 thousand euros proposed by the leadership of the airline «Lufthansa» do not meet the interests of the people, and when filing a claim to one of the US Courts, the amount of compensation may be increased to 100 thousand dollars.

But DO NOT, however, representatives of the airline «Lufthansa» skeptical about the fact that such claims will increase the amount of compensation to the relatives of the dead passengers, since, despite the fact that on board were 39 US citizens, the air carrier can not comply with such a decision of the court of the United States America, however, at the same time, representatives of flights shedule is not excluded that can increase the amount of payments to 35 thousand euros, but no more.

Information resource notes that the collapse of the airliner Airbus A320owned by GermanWings (a subsidiary of Lufthansa Airlines - editor's note) took place in March of this year, and the 150 people died as a result of the disaster.


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