A lawsuit has been filed against Pobeda Airlines for refusing to let a passenger aboard the plane. Incident video

A lawsuit has been brought against Pobeda Airlines.

Another scandal that erupted around the domestic air carrier Pobeda for refusing to board a passenger who was flying to the funeral of one of his relatives became an occasion to initiate administrative proceedings against the low-cost airline.

A few days ago, a video appeared on social networks in which a passenger of the domestic low-cost airline Pobeda was forced to show her luggage, and after the woman had fulfilled all the requirements, they refused to let her aboard, citing the fact that the boarding was completed.

According to current information, Rospotrebnadzor intends to conduct a check on the fact of a gross violation, and recommends that all victims of domestic low-cost flights directly contact specialists.

Representatives of the Pobeda airline have not yet commented on the initiation of an administrative case against the carrier, however, the fact of such relations with customers can seriously affect the reputation of the low-cost airline.

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