Relatives of crash victims


Lawsuits filed against Kogalymavia and Ingosstrakh

Relatives of victims of the disaster in the Sinai Peninsula have filed a lawsuit against the airline "Kogalymavia" and "Ingosstrakh".

According News Agency, against an air carrier "Kogalymavia" and the company "Ingosstrakh" filed lawsuits for compensation of moral and material damages in the amount of 3 million rubles, thus, experts believe that the plaintiffs have every reason to win this lawsuit.

It is pointed out that as a result of the crash, which occurred in October of last year, killing 224 people, including 7 crew and 217 passengers at the same time as it was possible to establish the Russian experts, the very catastrophe was caused by committed by an act of terrorism - has been swept and installed on board aircraft explosives.


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