MLRS strike


MLRS "Smerch" used against Turkish mercenaries in Syria for the first time

Militants and Turkish mercenaries in Syria began to smash with Smerch strikes.

Provocations and attacks by terrorists and Turkish mercenaries against the SAA forced the use of multiple launch rocket systems "Smerch" against militants and illegal armed groups in northern Syria. Evidence of this was published by the terrorists themselves, who posted images of several 9N235 unexploded ordnance on the Web.

Taking into account the capabilities of the Smerch MLRS, the Syrian army (and it may well be about the use of Russian multiple launch rocket systems), attempts were made to cover a large camp of terrorists in the territory that is closely controlled by Turkish troops. Apparently, the militants were also targeted by air strikes. This is evidenced by a photograph that appeared with an unexploded aerial bomb PTAB 2.5-1.5, developed back in 1942.

The Russian military and the Syrian army have been actively bombing positions of terrorists and Turkish mercenaries in northern Syria for almost a month, forcing most of the militants to evacuate to the area where Turkish troops are located. Judging by the fact that Russian military aircraft began bombing these areas, Moscow and Damascus are seriously intending to defeat the main forces of terrorists and liberate part of the seized territory of the Arab republic in the province of Idlib.

Nice strikes against Turkish mercenaries.

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