Kasimov anti-submarine ship discovered and fired at a submarine in the Black Sea

The crew of the anti-submarine ship Kasimov discovered an enemy submarine in the waters of the Black Sea.

According to information provided by the press service of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, as part of a special operation in the waters of the Black Sea, the small anti-submarine ship Kasimov was able to detect a disguised enemy submarine.

“The MPK Kasimov’s crew worked out an algorithm for detecting and tracking a conditional enemy’s submarine, and also completed a set of naval training exercises on the use of torpedo weapons and bombing”- reports the Black Sea Fleet.

It became known that the role of the enemy submarine was played by the Russian submarine of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy Kolpino, while the exercises themselves were as close as possible to the real conditions for the search for submarines.

According to some information, which so far has not received official confirmation, aircraft also took part in the search for the enemy submarine, which carried out air surveillance, after which the Kasimov anti-submarine ship advanced into the area.

It should be clarified that the Russian fleet closely monitors the appearance of any foreign ships and submarines in the waters of the Black Sea.