Anti-missile defense of the Crimean bridge was strengthened by barges with corner reflectors

A ship with corner reflectors was spotted near the Crimean bridge.

A few hours ago, the inhabitants of the Crimea noticed a strange ship near the island of Tuzla, equipped with no less strange installations. As it turned out, we are actually talking about a barge on which corner reflectors are mounted, which is an additional means of strengthening the anti-missile and air defense of the Crimean bridge due to the existing threat of attack.

On the presented video frames, you can see the deployment site of a barge with corner reflectors in the area of ​​Tuzla Island. The appearance of a ship with special devices here is associated with the need to strengthen the missile defense of the Crimean bridge. In particular, retroreflectors, which are devices in the form of a rectangular tetrahedron with mutually perpendicular reflecting planes, are designed to hide an object, and we are obviously talking about the Crimean Bridge, from enemy radar reconnaissance equipment and prevent missiles from being aimed at the target.

Given the fact that NATO reconnaissance aircraft are increasingly appearing over the central part of the Black Sea, the risk that Ukraine may try to arrange attacks is still very high, although at the moment, at least officially, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have weapons at distances of about 300 kilometers.