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Anti-satellite weapons disabled a western satellite that controlled Russian troops on the border with Ukraine

An unknown anti-satellite weapon disabled a satellite that controlled Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

NATO's open espionage for Russian military equipment, units and deployment sites of Russian troops has led the West to unexpected problems. As it turned out, the western spacecraft, under the influence of unknown radiation, unexpectedly went out of order - it has not been possible to regain control over its systems for more than three days.

The data on the failure of the spacecraft systems were confirmed by the European Space Agency.

“The Copernicus Sentinel-1B satellite is not available since December 23, 2021 at 06:53, no data is generated. Following the relevant news from December 23, 2021, a detailed investigation was carried out. Over the next days, specific actions will be taken to make changes to the onboard configuration that will prevent the anomaly from reoccurring (which could pose a safety risk to the satellite). This requires simulating and testing the system on the ground before loading it onto a satellite. This period of satellite unavailability could potentially last up to 2 weeks, but every effort is being made to reduce this unavailability. "- said in the message.

It is known that the Russian side was extremely dissatisfied with the use of European spacecraft to track its troops. At the same time, Russian electronic warfare systems deployed near the Ukrainian border could well destroy the systems of Western spacecraft, which the Russian side had repeatedly warned NATO about, however, at the moment, there is no evidence of the involvement of Russian complexes in the defeat of Western satellites.

Well done Russians. Keep it up!!!

Don't be so upset. The troops will leave in the N-th direction, you see, and the satellite may be working. It's all God's will.

Vladimir, what are you talking about? The war is going on, it won't be full-scale because of the satellite, do you think 15 countries have been fighting terrorists in Syria for 10 years? We just defeated NATO there.

What nonsense are you talking about. This is tantamount to the destruction of an aircraft, a ship in the neutral zone. So you can unleash a war.

Oops ... We didn't want ... Or maybe we did, you can only guess.
Just do not try to present something to us, we will deny everything, however, just like you ...

Comrades say that they saw a similar one in Makhachkala at the car market.

Somali pirates. Their handwriting! Not a drop of doubt.

The battery was just Chinese. She sat down. It happens.

This is our non-lethal weapon! test of the pen, in a month satellite fall will begin and then surrender and fulfillment of the ultimatum.

The second series of REB-Cook. Only not the Black Sea, but space! Growing up !!

If it is not a software glitch, then nothing can be recovered.

When the Russians asked for proof, Europe immediately announced that Russia had ruined their satellite, so there is no evidence, it is their own fault ..