Tank destroyed


An anti-tank missile tore a heavy tank in two

A critical hit on the tank's ammunition from an anti-tank system tore the 40-ton vehicle into two parts.

As a result of an accurate hit of an anti-tank missile in the tank's ammunition, the latter received such critical damage that it was possible to identify the combat vehicle only by individual fragments. The explosion of the T-72 tank turned out to be so powerful that a 40-ton heavily armored vehicle was torn into two parts, throwing the front part a few meters, and shrapnel hits on an armored personnel carrier nearby were enough to destroy it.

On the presented video footage taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see the place where heavy military equipment was destroyed. As a result of a critical hit by an anti-tank missile, an instantaneous detonation of the entire ammunition load of the tank occurred, as a result of which the T-72 tank was torn into two parts, scattering them at a distance of several tens of meters from each other. Nearby, you can see the charred skeleton of an armored personnel carrier, which, apparently, suffered damage from fragments of either a destroyed tank or an exploding T-72 ammunition load.

Experts note that in the overwhelming majority of cases, the T-72 tank is able to survive an anti-tank missile hit without such critical damage, however, the detonation of the T-72 ammunition led to the fact that the combat vehicle was mangled beyond recognition.