Turkish terrorists shot down a supersonic MiG-23 fighter. Video

Soviet-era air defense missile systems shot down a MiG-23 supersonic fighter.

A few hours ago, using the Soviet Strela air defense system, the terrorist groups that were sent by Turkey from Syria to Libya destroyed the MiG-23 supersonic fighter belonging to the army led by Field Marshal Haftar.

It is known that the crew of the MiG-23 supersonic fighter was supposed to strike at the positions of militants who serviced drones at one of the military bases owned by the Government of National Unity, however, when approaching the target, the fighter was hit by an anti-aircraft guided missile.

The moment of destruction of the Soviet supersonic MiG-23 fighter was captured by jihadists, which indicates the fact that Turkey not only intervenes in the affairs of a sovereign state, but also sends its fighters to this region, supplying them with appropriate weapons, including, including Soviet SAM "Strela-2".

At the moment, it is known that the crew of the downed supersonic fighter managed to eject, but his further fate is not officially commented on, which does not exclude the possibility that the pilot could be captured by jihadists.