Checking Boeing by Yamal

23 January 2014. After the sensational plane crash in Kazan aircraft of the brand "Boeing-737Preventive maintenance. These measures were taken to maximally reduce the risk of spontaneous deviation from a given course or jamming the height wheel. On flights and, accordingly, on passengers it did not affect in any way, since these works were conducted in the intervals between flights of "Boeing".

The decision to conduct additional preventive measures was taken only after the airline analyzed the decoded information about the flight of the Boeing-737 airliner, which fell in Kazan. For the flight the airline "Tatarstan" answered.

I want to note that only "Yamal"Carried out this, despite the fact that it is not in the best condition in the material sense. The remaining airlines of the country are, for the time being, apparently not ready for this step.


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