Direct hit of a cruise missile on Lviv caught on video

A direct strike by a cruise missile on Lviv was caught on video.

A few hours ago, a rocket attack was launched on Lviv. As a result of a precise missile hit on an unidentified object, the latter was completely destroyed. The video of the corresponding strike was caught on surveillance cameras.

In the presented video footage, taken by a surveillance camera at 15:11 local time, you can see how a cruise missile accurately strikes one of the objects in the city. The type of cruise missile is still unknown, however, apparently, the latter had tremendous destructive power, as the fragments of the destroyed object were scattered over a radius of more than 400 meters.

It is impossible to establish the type of rocket and the direction of its arrival on the video recording, however, the impact was so powerful that a giant shock wave was created that spread almost a kilometer. This indicates that the charge was of high power.

The circumstances of the attack on the object on the territory of Lviv remain unknown, however, earlier there was information that a number of objects on the territory of the city were occupied by foreign mercenaries and acting NATO officers.