Warehouse explosion


Direct hit of a rocket in an ammunition depot in Libya. Video

In response to the downed drone, the forces of Khalifa Haftar dealt a powerful blow to Misrata International Airport.

Destroyed several hours ago by the forces of the Government of National Unity, the Libyan National Army drone unmanned aerial vehicle led to an almost immediate response - the aircraft of the LNA Air Force launched a powerful missile strike at Misrata International Airport, destroying the ammunition depot.

In the video frames published by the Telegram channel Gallifrey Technologies, one can see that as a result of a direct hit by a rocket, detonation of ammunition occurred, which led to a series of powerful explosions.

Data on victims and victims of official comments have not yet been received, however, experts say that the arming of the Libyan National Army with attack drones and combat aircraft poses a serious problem for the Government of National Unity, even despite the fact that the latter forces are armed a significant number of air defense systems, although morally obsolete.