Sihanoukville International Airport


Direct flights from Krasnoyarsk to Cambodia can be organized next year

From Krasnoyarsk, direct flights to Cambodia can start flying.

At the moment, the possibility of linking Krasnoyarsk and Sihanoukville Direct flights, however, in all likelihood, this will not happen until the middle of next year. New flights should become very popular among Russian tourists, especially since passengers will not have to make additional transplants in Thailand or Vietnam as at present.

Considering the large tourist flow to Cambodia, it is necessary to assume that in addition to flights from Krasnoyarsk, flights will also be organized from other Russian cities, in particular, mainly Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, etc.

Nevertheless, according to, the popularity of new airfares, if they do appear, will directly depend on the cost of air tickets - according to experts, it should not exceed 23 thousand rubles, otherwise, passengers will prefer to fly with additional transplants , But at a much lower cost.


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