The cannons of the Russian "Pantsir-ME" pumped up very seriously, but the missiles were beyond praise

The cannons of the Russian ZRPK "Pantsir-ME" demonstrated low efficiency.

The demonstration of the newest Russian complex "Pantsir-ME" turned out to be very effective, however, according to analysts, the cannon armament showed a relatively low efficiency. This opinion appeared on the basis of the published video footage in which the naval version of the "Shell" carried out the defeat of the target drone.

According to experts, out of several hundred fired 30-mm shells, only one was able to hit the target, which is far from the strength of the Russian complex. The missiles were able to prove themselves, however, the cannon armament will obviously have to be improved by Russian developers, since in the case of real combat use, the effectiveness of the Pantsir-ME should be much higher.

“During the half-second that two six-barreled 30-mm GSh-6-30 cannons fired, almost two hundred shells were fired at the target, however, judging by the video frames presented, some of them went very far from their targets. Probably such an error could be eliminated by a more modern guidance system ", - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that the cannon armament of the Pantsir-S complexes also previously demonstrated by no means the highest indicators of the effectiveness of firing, however, be that as it may, at the moment this is one of the best complexes that can be used to repel aviation attacks. drones and enemy missiles

Drones must kill!
And these are all attempts to play the wars of the past ..

When the density of shells created by the AK-630 in the entrance window became insufficient, the number of blocks was simply doubled ("Duet"), "Broadswords", "Daggers", "Palms" appeared. But they are still based on extremely loaded machines with a decent spread. Moreover, such a separation of blocks relative to the axis of rotation imposes enormous requirements on the synchronization of their firing. Ground "Armor" on one of the exercises (4 vehicles) could not shoot down the drone, firing from the cannons. True, there are other machines, the loads there are still extreme (Gryazev and Shipunov were able to squeeze everything out of metal). Moreover, this spread is passed off as a feature.

Yes Yes! Sofa "experts" apparently do not know how many tailed applicants are striving for an egg. Well, they would scold nature or something. The essence is the same, the main thing is the result. And cheaper than a rocket.

In my opinion, a layman - a mistake in the very concept of separation on the sides of launchers and guns, which complicates the aiming process!
It is difficult to hit something by firing pistols in outstretched hands!
A version with a vertical installation position would be more practical and reliable!
In general, to create a cloud of shells, in my opinion, it would be more reliable to use a kind of cam mechanism that allows the barrel to make circular movements, increasing or decreasing the radius of the barrel travel depending on the distance to the target!

The target was hit in half a second. Ehsperts: "Yeah, the efficiency is rather weak of course" :)

The guns fired about 20-40 shells, each gun, judging by the time, worked as requested by the customer, i.e. created a cloud of shells in the target's path. The target is hit. And only "experts" from the couch think that every shell must necessarily hit a small target

depending on what targets the guns work ...
It is clear from UAVs and missiles that the efficiency is low,
but on helicopters, airplanes, and ground targets, it is better not to spend missiles, you can use cannons.
Everything depends on the goal.