The launch of a new Russian interceptor missile hit the Network. Video

The Russian Defense Ministry has tested a new missile defense system.

A few hours ago, the Russian Defense Ministry published a video of testing a new interceptor missile defense system of the country. The tests of the rocket took place on the territory of the Sary-Shagan test site (Kazakhstan), while the launch incredibly hit the Network - the rocket gained an altitude of several kilometers in a couple of moments and went to the conditional target.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of preparation for the tests of the anti-missile and its direct launch. At the moment of launch, a column of flame bursts out of the mine, after which the rocket engulfed in fire in a few fractions of a second develops simply colossal speed, hiding in the clouds.

“Once again I look and always amazes with power and speed! Russian weapons are a great power! "

“The shots are amazing. Go Russia!!!"

“This is power! Russia really has a weapon to be proud of "

"The beauty! It seems that the rocket is bursting straight out of hell "

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation did not officially comment on which ABM system was being discussed, however, experts express the opinion that the missile belongs to the A-235 system.

Lies, like everything else in Russian politics. So the rocket does not start! Look how the flag develops unnaturally! Cartoons are better shown!

Yes, this is an accelerated video file playback.

Everything is super at the exercises! Just like on TV.