Rocket of the Stormy Petrel


Did the Stormy rocket launches turn out to be a fake? Video

Russia does not have a rocket with a nuclear power plant.

Despite a number of allegations that a unique cruise missile with a nuclear power plant is already being actively tested in Russia, the former chief of the main headquarters of the Strategic Missile Forces, retired colonel-general Viktor Yesin, completely refuted this information, stressing that such a missile had just begun to be developed.

“He noted that with the unlimited deployment of hypersonic weapons, the process of limiting and reducing nuclear weapons would be impossible, but for the time being this topic remains hypothetical. Since the timing of the adoption of the Russian hypersonic “Petrel” missile “it’s not possible to say anything concrete, since work on its creation has just begun” ”, - reports the publication "The View", referring to the statement of Esin.

In other words, video footage of tests of a cruise missile with NPIs can be fake, provided that Yesin is competent in this matter.

On the other hand, experts drew attention to the fact that Yesin declared the Burevestnik rocket as a hypersonic type of weapon, although initially it was reported that the rocket would not have such a high speed of flight.

Putin never said that Russia already has a new nuclear cruise missile ("Petrel"), Putin said that superlight, very compact and extremely powerful "nuclear power plant" for such a rocket successfully passed all the tests (i.e., experienced and NOT on a combat missile) (1) and now with a new nuclear power unit you can develop a combat missile (2), for which he asked the people to come up with a name (3).

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“provided that Yesin is competent in this matter” (c) - if he doesn’t even know that the “Petrel” is a SPEAR cruise missile with an unlimited radius of action (it was all announced!), what kind of “competence” is a retired (!) General can we talk?

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