The launcher for the AGM-88 missiles used by Ukraine is in service with only two countries - Israel and the United States

The only countries with ground-based launchers for AGM-88 missiles are Israel and the United States.

As part of a detailed study of the situation with the discovery of fragments of the AGM-88 cruise anti-radar missile in the Kherson region, the Middle Eastern media reported that a complex for launching missiles of this type from the ground really exists - Israel is its owner. In the 70-80s, with the help of Israeli Keres installations, the Israeli military was able to launch AGM-78 anti-radar missiles, however, against the background of replacing AGM-78 missiles with AGM-88 missiles, the installation could be upgraded.

Among other things, in 2018 it became known that an experimental launcher for missiles of this type was created in the United States - the latter is designed for use both on land and at sea and can be placed in a conventional sea container.

This fact indicates that the AGM-88 missile, the fragments of which were found on the territory of the Kherson region, could have been fired not only by aircraft, but also by a ground installation.

At the moment, there are no official comments regarding the AGM-88 missile strikes, either from the allied forces or from Kyiv, which gave rise to quite a few questions about whether the United States resorted to carrying out attacks from Ukrainian airspace using its own aircraft.


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