Hypersonic rocket


Putin announced a new hypersonic missile with a speed 20% faster than the Zircon

Vladimir Putin announced the emergence of a new Russian hypersonic missile, which is 20% faster than the Zircon.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the imminent appearance of a new, incredibly formidable weapon in the country's armament. We are talking about a new hypersonic missile. However, judging by the statement of the Russian leader, this is not at all the Zircon hypersonic missile, which will be adopted by the Russian Navy next year - the novelty announced by Vladimir Putin will have a 20% higher flight speed and will be able to overcome the MAX 9 threshold.

At the moment, it is known that we are also talking about a sea-launched missile.

“We have now successfully tested and from the beginning of the year we will be in service with a new sea-based hypersonic missile. Nine MAX. The flight time will also be five minutes for those who give orders. ", - said the Russian leader.

What specific rocket we are talking about is unknown. Taking into account the statement of Vladimir Putin, the maximum flight range of a hypersonic missile announced for adoption will be limited to 1 -600 kilometers.

Experts do not exclude that we can talk about one of the varieties of the Zircon hypersonic missile, since it is known about the existence of at least two versions of this promising weapon.

Yes, this is not Nikita the corncob to threaten you with a shoe ...

listen carefully to Putin's speech
it was about Zircon

No typo. With one more zero (in front, to the comma), this is for NATO, and even then not for everyone: "Tomahawk", for example. Only it (the Tomahawk missile) is overtaken by the Tu-160 bomber (!)

Well, nonsense, 8 Machs throughout the flight, and not on approach

This is a typo, another zero is forgotten.