Putin announced the breakdown of an agreement with the United States on strategic nuclear weapons

The President of Russia has announced the severance of the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty with the United States.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin announced the imminent completion of the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty (START-3) and the absence of negotiations with the United States of America, indicating a break in existing agreements. According to Vladimir Putin, if Washington wanted to maintain its participation in START-3, then negotiations would probably be underway.

“The President of the Russian Federation invited the permanent members of the country's Security Council to discuss what final position Russia will take after the US withdraws from the Open Skies Treaty (DON). In addition, it is urgent to decide what to do next with the strategic offensive arms agreement START-3. Putin noted that START-3 has expired, and so far no serious negotiations have been held with the United States on this issue. The President noted that the agreement is important not only for Russia or the United States, but also for the whole world: START-3, in fact, will end soon, and serious negotiations on this topic are most important not only for us, but for the whole world, I think and failed to start ", - the Russian edition of Military Review cites information.

Thus, Russia has not yet decided on its actions in the event of the US withdrawing from START-3, however, obviously, Moscow’s measures will be completely symmetrical, since only in this case it will be possible to ensure its own security and prevent the buildup of nuclear potential in the world.