Putin personally began to rescue Russian citizens captured in Belarus

The President of Russia decided to intervene in the situation with the illegal arrest of Russians in Belarus.

Illegal detention of citizens of the Russian Federation in Belarus and their unsubstantiated accusation of attempting a coup d'etat and, in fact, extremism. For which the capital punishment is envisaged in Belarus - the death penalty., Forced the Russian leader Vladimir Putin to intervene in this situation and personally begin to oversee the issue of the release of Russian citizens.

“The Presidents of Belarus and Russia, Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin, agreed to thoroughly investigate all the circumstances of the detention of 33 Russian citizens on the territory of Belarus. “One of the main topics of the conversation was the detention of 33 Russian citizens on the territory of Belarus,” the message says. “In this regard, the aspiration was emphasized to work together in the most serious way in this situation. The presidents agreed to thoroughly and thoroughly study every available fact in order to to establish the true reasons for the current situation, find the perpetrators and bring them to justice "", - reported by the Russian news agency "TASS"

It should be noted that to date, official Minsk has not provided any evidence of the involvement of the detained Russians in the attempt to overthrow the current government, threatening at the same time. Transfer the detainees to the Ukrainian side at the official request of Kiev, which accuses the detainees of hostilities in the Donbass. The Belarusian authorities have not yet made a decision to release the detained Russian citizens.