Sanctions against Russia


Putin began asking Trump to lift sanctions on Russia

The Russian president asked Trump to lift sanctions on Russia.

US President Donald Trump publicly stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin, because of the difficult economic situation, asked Washington to lift sanctions on Russia. According to Trump, Putin has been trying to conduct a dialogue on this topic for two years,

“US President Donald Trump believes that the Russian side may initiate discussion of the issue of lifting the sanctions imposed by Washington against the Russian Federation. The journalist asked Trump what he would answer if Russian President Vladimir Putin touches on the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions in an upcoming telephone conversation. “He may ask for it. He has been asking for this for two years now, ”the US president said. “It was I who introduced the sanctions, no one else. I was more tough on Russia than any other president in the history of the country, ”Trump said. “Honestly, we should be able to get along. But when you talk about lifting sanctions, it sounds like I'm soft-bodied, ”Trump said. “I know more about sanctions than others, because I introduced them against Russia,” he added. Trump also expressed confidence that no one in the US leadership had the idea of ​​imposing sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. “No one even heard of the Russian gas pipeline until I came. It was me, not someone else, ”the US president added.- сообщает "FinanZ" .ru.

The Kremlin, in turn, challenged the information that appeared, stating that the Russian leader did not conduct such a dialogue with the American leader.

So sanctions, all the time were in favor? Use it!