Putin on the special operation: there is no mass withdrawal from combat positions

Vladimir Putin spoke about the progress of the special operation in Ukraine.

According to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, despite the withdrawal of Russian troops from several directions, in order to occupy more advantageous positions, there is no mass withdrawal from combat positions in the special operation zone. A special military operation may take a much longer period of time than previously thought, however, according to Vladimir Putin, a significant result of the special operation is the emergence of new regions within the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin noted that at the moment there is no point in intentions to carry out additional mobilization in Russia, since about half of the 300 drafted citizens are still in the reserve - they operate at training grounds, and therefore, talking about additional mobilization does not make sense.

The Russian leader did not set any specific dates for the special military operation, however, given the current pace, this period may stretch for several years, which, by the way, will be determined by the goals of the NWO.

It should be noted that, according to foreign analysts, in the near future the number of military clashes in Ukraine will noticeably decrease, however, in the spring they will resume again with the same force.


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