Putin and rockets


Putin discussed with the presidents of Venezuela and Cuba the deployment of Russian weapons against the United States

The Russian leader held successful talks with the leaders of Cuba and Venezuela on the deployment of Russian weapons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed closer military-technical cooperation with the leaders of Cuba and Venezuela. It is known that the negotiations were successful. This points to the fact that in the event that NATO and the United States do not comply with Russian requirements for security guarantees this week, then in the very shortest possible time, Russian military installations, including those with tactical weapons, may be only a few hundred kilometers from the American borders, although the Russian Foreign Ministry did not provide any details on this matter.

At the moment, some tensions between NATO, the US and Russia have subsided. This is primarily due to the fact that the Alliance reacted to Russian warnings and confirmed the refusal to deploy its forces on the territory of Ukraine. Nevertheless, it is known that the United States intends to send significant troops to Eastern Europe (and we are talking about an army of 50) and, judging by the video footage, hundreds of pieces of various types of military equipment.

Experts note that today none of the parties is ready for a full-scale armed conflict. In this regard, NATO and the United States abandoned plans to send their troops to Ukraine, but the situation remains extremely tense due to the actions of Kiev, which, apparently, is still preparing to strike at the Donbass

What kind of nonsense? There are no imported components in the defense industry; they are no longer even in the civil aircraft industry.

One submarine is enough, Cuba has.

Yeah, I think they will put Sarmat missiles there, well, those that our president showed, which go around all obstacles. True, there is a problem, because of the sanctions, some components are missing and it is not possible to build a rocket.

Medvedev: "We cannot place anything with them, even, for example, as it was in Cuba, because this should be consistent with their own national interests. Cuba and Venezuela are striving to get out of isolation, to restore normal relations with the United States, therefore they cannot there is talk of putting something up or creating some kind of base, as was done during the Soviet period," Medvedev is sure. The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council stressed that he does not consider it right to even discuss this topic.

The weapons will be placed. The only question is, what's the point?
It would be nice to place air defense / missile defense there)

They probably told you a secret.

They will gladly place ANY weapon! And Nicaragua too.

Well, you better know whether or not I will place weapons

Placed, then what will you say?

they will not place weapons at home.



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