Putin refused to send troops to Donbass, and Biden lifted sanctions on Nord Stream 2

Russian troops stationed at the Ukrainian border will not be deployed to Donbass.

During the talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joseph Biden, the topic of Ukraine was most actively discussed. At the moment, there is information that Russian President Vladimir Putin assured Joseph Biden that Russian troops, currently stationed near the Ukrainian border, will not be deployed to Donbass. In retaliation, the US President decided to lift sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 project.

It is expected that the American leader will officially announce these data during the next press conference. However, we are not talking about the "surrender" of Donbass, since the parties agreed to make efforts to resolve the conflict in Donbass exclusively through diplomatic means, which Biden will probably notify the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky about.

It should be noted that despite the talks between the leaders of Russia and the United States, the situation in Donbass the night before and tonight was very tense - violations of the ceasefire were recorded along the entire front line. This points to the fact that the situation in the region may not change if the required pressure is not put on Ukraine.

Donbass has become a bargaining chip again! Betrayed again!

And in 1991 the population of Russia was less than under Peter ??

I wonder if it's a "duck" or "drake"?

Even if Putin promised Biden not to send troops to Donbass, he did not promise that the Russian Aerospace Forces would not bomb the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the tail and mane in the event of an attack on the DPR and LPR.

Putin is not going to enter the army into Ukraine, he will enter into the Russian Little Russia to protect the Russians

He can enter, and he will, whether he has time to withdraw - that is the question.))

The Russian population in Russia began to be reduced according to German plans since the time of Peter 1, so nothing new. ((

This is that the citizens of Russia are closer to Putin and Abkhazia can supply weapons to the Donbas and she can also fight

Putin did not intend to send troops, in my opinion, to ukroinu. If only PMC Wagner, but this is different. Yes, and no one canceled the Caliber missiles

This is an indicator that the Germans and Europe are more dear to Putin than the Russians, and it can be assumed that he is fulfilling their doctrine of reducing the Russian population in Russia.

So Zelensky will send troops to Donbass.