Putin supported Azerbaijan in the liberation of Karabakh

The Russian President announced his support for Azerbaijan in restoring its territorial integrity.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the Russian side supports the restoration of Azerbaijan's sovereignty over Karabakh. According to Vladimir Putin, the loss of such a large part of the country's territory is completely unacceptable for Baku - probably for this reason Russia decided not to interfere in the current situation.

"At the same time, we understand that such a situation, in which a significant part of the territory of Azerbaijan has been lost by the country, cannot continue forever.", - said the Russian leader as part of the Valdai form

In fact, to date, this is the first time that Russia has supported Azerbaijan in restoring its integrity, however, obviously, the most acceptable step for Russia would be a dialogue between Yerevan and Baku.

“It is quite obvious that Russia does not need a conflict in Karabakh, just as it does not need a political, and quite possibly a military conflict with Armenia and Azerbaijan, if one of the parties supports it. Russia is ready to support the negotiations between Yerevan and Baku, but so far neither of the parties is ready for dialogue ”, - the expert marks.

Considering the current situation in the region, analysts believe that by the end of this week Baku will control up to 40% of the territory of Karabakh.

That's right, let them figure it out. We don't need another war in the Caucasus. The useless war in Chechnya was enough.

Ukraine did not lose its territory. at least the Donbass is formally Ukrainian. And Crimea left on the basis of the law of Ukraine on referendums, where the decision of the Crimean parliament is recognized as fundamental, and since President Yanukovych was evacuated, the Prime Minister left, then in fact the power ceased to exist at the time of the coup and the only legal authority is the Crimean Parliament (Crimea was a Subject of Ukraine - Autonomous Republic of Crimea). It is a shame for the nationally minded citizens of Ukraine to realize this, but they have outsmarted themselves ...

Quote from the guest "I": ... then in the near future ... return their lands .. "Therefore, it is clear that the issue is not understood due to the complex coverage of this issue by the media. Let me explain - Nagorno-Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan recognized by Russia and the UN, and Armenia did not recognize even them.

You haven't confused anything ... it was Russia that almost lost Crimea because of the political ambitions of some non-comrades ...

If it does, then in the near future we will also start returning our lands. AND IT IS RIGHT!!!

Well, Erdogan will reach the Crimea, but then he will definitely not be Ukrainian, but Turkish. And there Tatarstan is very close, and the whole of Siberia is not far away (see the map of the Turkic people published in Turkey)

Then Erdogan is right to support Ukraine, they also lost their territory, it’s bad to help Ukraine as well as Azerbaijan to return its territories ...