Putin signed a decree allowing those who fell under it to receive a deferral of mobilization

The Russian leader signed a special decree giving a reprieve to those who fell under mobilization.

Despite the fact that about 300 thousand people fell under the partial mobilization announced in Russia a few days ago, it became known that Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed a special decree that allows a number of people who fell under mobilization to avoid mobilization. We can talk about several thousand people, provided that the mobilized are students of full-time or part-time education.

The document, which is posted on the Kremlin's website, states that the current deferral applies to students studying full-time or part-time, however, on the condition that the education they receive at the current level is the first.

“A deferment from conscription for military service for mobilization is provided to students studying full-time and part-time forms of education in state-accredited educational programs of secondary vocational and higher education in state educational organizations, in scientific organizations and receiving education of the appropriate level for the first time”, the decree says.

According to experts, several thousand people fall under the postponement, in accordance with the current decree, however, this fact does not at all prevent mobilization measures.


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