Putin has not yet decided on the supply of weapons to the Donbass

The Russian leader has not yet made a decision to start deliveries of weapons to the DNR and LNR.

Russian President Vladimir Putin got acquainted with the proposal for the supply of weapons to the DPR and LPR against the backdrop of the appeal of the United Russia party to support the self-proclaimed republics, however, has not yet made a decision. The data on this subject was announced by the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

“The president, of course, is well aware of this opinion, this point of view. He is sympathetic to how sensitive this topic is, including for United Russia. But now there is no reaction from the president to such an initiative.”- said Dmitry Peskov.

Experts note that at the moment Russia is unlikely to take steps to supply weapons to the Donbass, as this will only increase the confrontation in the region. Nevertheless, it is known that in the near future the issue of recognizing the self-proclaimed republics will also be considered, and if the Russian leader makes a positive decision on this matter, then in such a situation, the supply of weapons to the DPR and LPR can be organized on completely legal grounds.

Earlier it was reported that the delivery of electronic warfare and air defense systems to the armament of the republics of Donbass is most likely, since such equipment is exclusively defensive in nature and allows you to effectively counter the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"... since such a technique is exclusively defensive in nature ...", and also such a technique requires exclusively trained specialists.
So don't forget to include "ihtamnets" in the package.

Everything will be OK. Russia has not moved ANYWHERE, but only expanded. All according to plan. Do not hurry.

Nothing can be delivered to Donbass

Well, if no decisions have been made so far, then why put forward ultimatums to the West?! For 8 years, it was possible to make a decision of some kind. Surprisingly simple.

That is unnecessary)
No one except the "suicide bombers" will dare to attack the Russian armed forces

He is not thinking about deliveries, but about evacuating everyone he can from there.

Recognized as a sponsor of terrorism and there will be another North Korea, only with snow

Coward! In 2014, it all started and then the LCD could and will end! But he got cold feet and is now reaping the rewards. Well, only himself, but also millions of Russian people!

You might think that she does not supply weapons. Yes, it has been going there since 1014 in echelons ...