Putin put Israel back in place by hinting at how attacks on Syria could end

Putin explained to the Israeli prime minister how the attacks on Syria would end in trouble.

Despite the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett intended to discuss the situation around Iran with Russian President Vladimir Putin, more than one issue was not discussed during the meeting. According to the Israeli newspaper Debka, the conversation between Vladimir Putin and Naftali Bennett concerned exclusively the situation around Syria. At the same time, the Russian president hinted to the Israeli side that in the absence of Israel's desire to maintain any communication with Russia on this issue, the Israeli side could start into serious trouble.

“According to some reports, the Israeli air force has recently resumed training to attack nuclear targets in Iran. Neither the Russians, let alone Putin, want to hear such threats. They are too experienced and polished to understand that there is no excuse for such threats. The Russian President said: “As you know, we are working to rebuild the infrastructure in Syria. Here, of course, there are problems and problematic issues, but there are also good opportunities for cooperation. " At the same time, Putin hinted that there is talk of Israeli airstrikes in Syria against Iranian targets and Hezbollah, which, according to Russia, undermine the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Putin very much offended Naftali Bennett, saying: “Now you are the prime minister. We had a special relationship and we had good reasons for this. ” Putin went on to say: “Despite the internal political conflicts taking place in Israel, I hope that the government will continue its policy towards Russia, as it was before. We managed to establish very good business relations with the previous government. ", - informs the Debka edition.

In other words, the Russian leader hinted to Israel that if the authorities of this country do not want to cooperate with Russia on Syria, then the Russian side will make a lot of efforts to counter Israeli aggression in this country.

yes, not weakly, one submarine is enough

Because you are not a good person

Is it weak to fight with Israel on a straight line to Russia?

At one time, both British and American and French soldiers stomped and killed Russians. The same Entente is not our neighbor! However, they trampled on our land and considered it necessary to plunder and kill our people. Now they believe that they have the right to kill the people of Syria. So why can't we help the weak? This is the very minimum. But there is also a "maximum", these are more serious things than just helping the weak.

What does the neighbor have to do with it? It helps because it can, it wants ... In your opinion, Syria should have been given up to be torn apart by ISIS, or the so-called opposition? And that the UN is the standard of righteousness? The UN, OSCE and other useless organizations .. The same Israel is bombing a sovereign state, Turkey and the USA have set up bases for themselves and where is your UN ... enter someone else's territory

How and why did Russian military bases appear in Syria? And what, Syria is Russia's neighbor? Why does Russia defend the Syrian dictator, whom his people hate and the weight of the world, even the UN does not recognize.

Everything will be as it was!

Ha! The whole world knows how Israel is killing children and pregnant women and the elderly ....!

I did not see any of this at all, as the author of the article interpreted it. Usual routine phrases of Putin. Where does the conclusion come from that he threatened Israel? You just wonder at your fantasies. :)

"May end" and "end" are two big differences. "Guarantor" voiced the first one. Israel somehow cares about this.

No one has any guarantees for each other.

Israel is fighting Iranian soldiers in Syria, but is it weak to fight them in a straight line?

Not an easy question, but it must be solved ... I think there are wise heads in Tel Aviv, so let them come to an agreement with wise heads in Moscow ...

What is the point of clearing the territory of Syria from terrorists, if you then allow Israel, Turkey and the United States to bomb it?

the previous government bombed on Tuesdays and Fridays like

In short, V. Putin said that he was satisfied with the way it was before. Well, it means that the IDF will bomb Hezbollah and the IRGC, as before.

I really love Israel and of course Russia. But why does Russia want to deprive Israel of all sense of its existence? Israel has always thrashed its enemies, and even more so enemies! It would be better if the Russians followed the example of the Israelis and then they will be happy!

And why will they stop bombing? I doubt