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Putin demanded to withdraw all foreign military from Syria

The Russian leader demanded the immediate withdrawal of all foreign military from Syria.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin demanded the immediate withdrawal from Syria of the entire foreign contingent illegally present in the territory of this Arab republic. This is obviously about the so-called international coalition, as well as Turkey, since the same Russia and Iran are on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic at the legitimate invitation of the Syrian authorities.

“And just as I tell you now, I spoke openly to my colleagues: the territory of Syria should be freed from a foreign military presence, and the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic should be fully restored”, - said the Russian leader.

It should be clarified that today Syria is divided into two large zones - one of them is controlled by the Syrian authorities, while the other is controlled by the so-called international coalition and the Syrian democratic forces, the main ones of which are Kurds.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin emphasized that if such a request is received from the Syrian authorities, the Russian military is also ready to leave the territory of the Arab Republic.