Underwater explosion


Putin told the truth about the explosion in Nenoks, refuting the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry

The President of Russia has denied the arguments of the Russian Defense Ministry about the mysterious explosion in Nenoks.

Despite statements by representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation that a mysterious explosion in the area of ​​the Nenoksa village occurred during tests of a unique power plant, the President of the Russian Federation in his official statement emphasized that it was about weapons "that have no analogues in the world."

“They led a complex, responsible and critical direction, we are talking about the most advanced and unmatched technical ideas and solutions, weapons that are designed to ensure sovereignty, security for Russia for decades to come”, - said the Russian leader.

Given the statement of the Russian leader, experts returned to the most probable version of what happened - the explosion of a part of the Burevestnik rocket, which was already actively discussed earlier. Due to the lack of any details, it is not possible to conclude what exactly the Russian experts tested and what kind of work was done, however, it was previously reported that it was a question of eliminating the consequences of an unsuccessful launch of the Burevestnik missile, a nuclear power the installation of which, obviously, was lifted from the bottom of the sea.

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And what, a weapon "which has no analogues in the world", should not or cannot have a "unique power plant." Something is not visible contradictions and it is not clear who has denied that?!?

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An explosion might not have occurred when conducting research using the “SA OS in NS and NP physics without hypotheses with systemically generalized VI&V factors based on NEDISS” and knowledge of the “Real Systems” theory, which considers the evolution of combinations of living intelligent open systems with biological, technical and natural systems

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