Israeli attacks


Putin allows Israel to strike at Iranian forces in Syria

After Putin and Bennett met, Russia allowed Israel to attack Iranian targets in Syria.

Israel's air strikes on Syria will continue, despite their condemnation by the Russian side. This is reported by information sources of the publication "Al-Arabiya", referring to the details of the negotiations between the President of Russia and the Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett.

“The white card, which Russia apparently handed over to Israel a few days ago, was the first reason for the emergence of Israeli planes and air attacks on Iranian groups and militias in Syria. Israeli Minister Zeev Elkin, who accompanied Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Friday in Sochi to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, explained that an agreement had been reached to continue to grant Israel freedom in Syrian airspace to conduct raids and coordinate with Russia. and also to the discussion of the Iranian nuclear program ", - reports "Al-Arabiya".

The Russian side has not yet commented on this information, however, similar data previously appeared in the publications of Syrian sources. This causes some concern, since a few days ago the Russian side called Iran its most important ally.

A little earlier, unconfirmed information appeared that the Syrian side intended to acquire several Iranian air defense systems to ensure higher protection of the country's airspace, however, the deal received sharp condemnation from the Russian side, since in this case, the agreements between Russia and Israel were allegedly violated.

If so, then it is a shame, Israel has long been the main terrorist ....

If you are Russian, why do you write this?

Betrayal is an important element in all the Kremlin's actions. That in relation to the Donbass republics, then to the allies in Syria.

There is no need to repeat the tales of the RF Ministry of Defense about the story of the downed Il-20. For a long time everything is known.

This is a Jewish statement, and now the VKS is training the Syrians themselves to punish Israel for all their attacks on Syria. Iran is the first assistant in this to the Syrians.

Pure fake, Russia never "plays" against its allies (situational) and fulfills its agreements.
Iran is needed in the EAEU and the SCO.
And also for "work" on Afghanistan, Turkey, USA ...

Reasoning sensibly. what business can be in Syria? Perhaps tourism. And gambling - without a casino and hope of winning

Only the last fools believed that the Israeli plane "hid" behind a civilian Russian plane, because 20 minutes after the Israeli planes left Syria, some of the Syrians "woke up" and fired on their own people, but I don't want to admit it.

We should expect a ban on the passage of Russian aircraft through the territory of Iran to the same Syria.

Jews are above all.

Now a lot has become clear ... Russia is fighting for the interests of Israel in Syria ...

Our rulers are Israel. They have nothing to do with Russians. My father fought for the Russians, it's good that this generation does not see that they have been betrayed.

Our rulers are Israel. They have nothing to do with Russians. My father fought for the Russians, it's good that this generation does not see that they have been betrayed.

On Saturday evening, Putin called Bennett and asked how his health was. And also invited him to visit with his wife Peter. This suggests that Israel, with its more than one million Russian-speaking people, is more important for Putin than the basurmans, who only want to fight and not to develop baznes in Syria.

Well, what will be the comments?

When you can't forbid it is better to say that you allowed it))

and what can be allowed? some kind of nonsense. Considering the downed Russian plane due to Israeli fighters. not very hard to believe.