Putin at the last moment "dissuaded" Trump to strike at Iran

Putin’s message influenced Trump’s decision to drop the strike on Iran.

According to information provided by a number of media outlets, in particular, we are talking about the Russian edition of “PolitRussia” and the Chinese edition of “Sohu”, the United States President Donald Trump decided to abandon the strike on Iran at the last moment because of the message of the President of the Russian Federation that a blow to Iran would be a serious mistake on the part of Washington.

According to experts, Trump carefully weighed all the possible consequences of an attack on Iran, realizing that a symmetrical blow from Tehran would be a much greater problem for Washington. In fact, as the Chinese publication Sohu notes, it was Vladimir Putin’s warning that played a key role in the de-escalation of the new full-scale military conflict in the Middle East.

On the other hand, the administration of the American president noted that a strike on Iran is still possible, including in order to counter the Iranian nuclear program, but analysts say that if it does have a real effect, it will almost certainly be in the future.

In the black sea, the Americans put liquid in their pants, give them at least a little to show off. Apart from figured riding near our ships, they are no longer capable of anything.