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Putin said the worsening situation with coronavirus in Russia

The Russian leader has denied stabilizing the situation with coronavirus in Russia.

Despite the fact that a number of representatives previously reported stabilization of the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in Russia and a general improvement in the spread of COVID-19, the Russian leader said that the situation was only getting worse, and not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

“In our country as well, the situation is becoming more complicated. And in the world there is a very difficult situation with coronavirus - 850 thousand people are already sick. In the Russian Federation, as I understand it, according to the latest data, 2777 cases of the disease "- said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Given the statement of the Russian leader, experts did not exclude that, against the background of the introduction of a general isolation regime in most regions of the Russian Federation, a much more significant increase in measures to counteract the spread of coronavirus infection is also possible.

Current forecasts based on the growth rate of morbidity and mortality indicate the fact that if it does not improve within the next 5-6 days, then by April 8 there may be up to 7-8 thousand infected people in Russia, while mortality from coronavirus infection can increase up to 80-90 people.

It should be clarified that currently isolation measures have not yielded any significant result, although the incidence of coronavirus infection has decreased by 12% over the past day, while mortality has increased by 41%.